Here’s why you should expect an influx of British citizens into Lagos this summer

The city of Lagos made huge strides, jumping from 31st place to 13th when it comes
to overall demand of places to visit in Summer 2018.

Lagosians should expect an influx of British citizens between July and August 2018
as Lagos has emerged one of the top summer holiday choice spots.
The city of Lagos made huge strides, jumping from 31st place to 13th when it comes
to overall demand of places to visit in Summer 2018.

2018 summer into the Lagos metropolis will witness an exciting influx of British
citizens, who have been making inquiries on how and places to be in the state.

This was revealed by a recent research conducted by popular travel site,
Kayak.co.uk. According to a report made by Brits for holidays outside the European
continent in July and August shows that Lagos is one of the 15 most researched

The discovery shows that demand for trips to Lagos and Nairobi in Africa are up
against the previous year, 2017.

The city of Lagos made huge strides, jumping from 31st place to 13th when it comes
to overall demand of places to visit in Summer 2018.

In the searches, trips to Lagos have shot up 96 percent, compared to searches
regarding the city in 2017.

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With New York ranking the first place of choice by the Brits for the 2018 summer
holidays, Minneapolis in the United States of America ranks the 50th place of choice
for the holiday.

Interestingly, Lagos tops the list of the 5 African countries that Brits want to
spend their 2018 summer holidays between July and August 2018.

Lagos comes 13th on the list, Nairobi comes 15th, Johannesburg occupies the 21sth
position while Cape Town and Mombasa occupy 43 and 44th position on the list as
presented by kayak.co.uk.

Opportunities for Lagos tourism sector
With the possible influx of Brits come summer 2018, hospitality outfits and local
markets will have the opportunity to make more profit in sales. The influx will see
more Brits staying in comfortable hotels in notable and secured environs that
include Ikeja, Yaba, Victoria Island, Ikoyi, and Lekki axis.

For first time visitors, it will be an experience to visit some of the monuments in
the state as well resorts littered across the states. Badagry will also be a place
to visit considering the historical monuments regarding slave trade and how it was

Also, the traditional Nigerian attires are some of the things that will definitely
catch the attention of British tourists.

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Is Lagos’ ministry of tourism ready for the task ahead?
This news is coming against the backdrop of the renewed effort by the Governor
Akinwunmi Ambode led the administration to put tourism on the state’s revenue
frontline through the implementation of some specific tourism-oriented programmes.

The recent Lagos Tourism Summit survey result will also serve as key elements which
the Commissioner of Tourism, Arts, and Culture, in Lagos, Steve Ayorinde would use
in measuring the state’s ability to manage the influx of the Brits.

Already, the Lagos state government is poised to position the metropolis as a choice
destination in the West African sub-region with its just concluded Lagos State
Tourism summit.

Ayorinde affirmed that tourism will be a major money spinner for the state noting
that the summit was used to take stock and appraise Lagos tourism sector in the last
three years.

The summit is also expected to help the state government draw a roadmap toward
making tourism a profitable economy in the state.

“Lagos is a land of multitudes, dreams, talents, and opportunities. The present
administration is ready to explore all these by seeking productive alternatives to
oil and gas through the promotion of arts, culture, and tourism,” Ayorinde said.

Continuing, he said: “This is a new charge of development and growth that will rest
on talents and aspirations of youth, who constitute 65 percent of the population; to
make Lagos.

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