2Face Idibia finally admits interest in politics.

2Baba as fondly called by fans said that he is keen on having a positive impact on
the lives around him and would soon run for a political position.

 2Face Idibia has finally admitted to having definite plans to run for a political
The Nigerian music legend said this on Tuesday, April 10, 2018, while speaking with
journalists in Lagos.

2Baba said that he is keen on having a positive impact on the lives around him and
would soon run for a political position.

He, however, neglected to mention the exact political office he is interested in or
the political party he would be working with.

“Politics affects everything I do,” he said. “So, I am definitely going to be
interested in politics. I will soon participate as a contestant and speak the truth
at all times.

“I hope and pray that good men will rise up and make a difference in this country
because we need more patriotic people in all aspects of life.”

2face Idibia who promoted the #VoteNotFight initiative by Willie Obiano the Anambra
State Governor condemned the continuous clash between farmers and Fulani herdsmen
clashes that have negatively impacted Benue state, which he hails from.
“There is so much we’ve been saying about this crisis, but nothing much has come the
way of the victims,” he said.

“We just need more people to support and join hands to continue extending relief
materials to affected people. This is the most important thing we can now do; bring
succour to the victims.

“I feel terrible not because it also happened in Benue State, where I hail from, but
because it is also happening almost throughout the federation. It does not have to
happen to someone you know before you speak up about it.”

2face Idibia and Annie Idibia donated items to families displaced by the flood.
Recall that in January 2017, 2baba announced a nationwide protest against the
policies of the federal government.

According to him, the Nigerian government has failed its people leading the country
into an economic downturn.

However, after coming under intense pressure to drop the demonstration, 2baba
announced the cancellation, saying,

“It has become clear that the One Voice protest scheduled to hold in Lagos and Abuja
is under serious threat of hijack by those whose interest do not align with our

“The point I intend making is not worth the life of any Nigerian. It is motivated by
the need to demand a better deal for the ordinary Nigerian.”

But, despite coming under attack for the cancellation, 2Baba revealed that he does
not regret his decision.

2baba who acknowledged that a lot of people were disappointed due to the quashed
event which had already gained national attention revealed that the stoppage was for
good reasons though he did not state them.

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